Fall 2020-2021 School Opening Plan – Distance Learning

Due to rising cases in Santa Clara County and the uncertainty of this pandemic, we are placing the health and safety of students, staff, and families as our highest priority. There is no doubt that we all want students returning to classrooms where they can properly focus on academics and thrive in their environment. Until there is stability in containment of the virus, we cannot risk the safety of the very students we serve. Students to begin the school year in Distance Learning – August 12. Please click to read more

By now, you’ve heard from the district that we will return to school with Distance Learning at least until October.  Since the announcement, the PTA Board, our principal and teachers are working together to support our amazing community.  We continue to be confident in our school of choice, the Indigo Program. Now more than ever, our community will collaborate with the teachers to bring the best whole child, progressive education we all want for our students.  The parent participation may look different temporarily and we will still need parent volunteers to be involved.  Together, we will make a positive impact within our community and the world.